Sharefold Studio has design pride. We use a back-to-basics process preparing your project for liftoff where assumptions are abandoned and the slate is clean and ready for brainstorming ideas, surfacing project objectives, then sketching out the emerging concepts. We love our individual design tools - but we understand handy software skills are nothing without collective creative vision.


Brand + Logo design

Your brand is your promise, it’s where trust is built and kept. We care passionately about birthing great brands across a suite of products from digital to signage and even uniforms. Your logo is the face of your brand. It has to connect, it has to be meaningful, memorable and communicate the values of your business wherever it us used. Your logo supports your brand and your brand supports your logo, and we make sure both harmonise to maximise your impact.

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Graphic design

We’re graphic designers who think off the page, constantly looking for fresh and exciting ways to present your brand. We're good listeners, question askers and ideators who understand that the art of a good brief underpins a successful outcome. Once your project is defined, we design accordingly, ensuring it hits all the key engagement metrics before we release it into the world.

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Consistency is paramount when presenting your brand across digital, print and signage. Our connected thinking and in-house printing means that we create strong design across any medium - from postcards to mobile apps - ensuring your brand is always represented correctly.

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User interface and user experience

Our approach to UI / UX is comprehensive - your users are at the heart of every action and our mission is to know their every thought, emotion and behavior then translate that into your UI and UX. We start with research, validate assumptions and test, test, test. Once we've identified the who, what, why and how, we set about creating an engaging user experience with a focus on conversion - and wild satisfaction.

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